Newsletter Issue 21 (July 2022)

The Weather of June 2022 – A June with distinct periods of showery and sunny weather

June 2022 was characterised by cloudy and showery weather during the first three weeks and most of the time sunny and very hot weather for the rest of the month. As for monthly rainfall, while more than 450 millimetres of rainfall were recorded over Tsuen Wan, Tai Po and Sai Kung Districts, the monthly rainfall recorded at the Observatory was only 349.2 millimetres, about 29 percent below the normal of 491.5 millimetres.

June 2022 was “3rd warmest on record”

The global average temperature for June 2022 was about 0.32C higher than the 1991-2020 average which makes it the third warmest June on record. Europe as a whole had its second warmest June on record at about 1.6C above average. Extreme temperatures occurred from Spain across France and into Italy; above-average temperatures were also experienced in China, Japan, and the USA. Colder than average temperatures were seen over Greenland and most of South America.

科普書籍 《颱風解密》於書展會場公開發售

開卷有益 – 香港氣象學會第二本科普書籍《颱風解密:你也可以做天氣達人!》即將於書展會場公開發售。愛好氣象既你不容錯過﹗書本帶領讀者認識颱風的形成、消散,以及引起的風暴潮及破壞力,以科學化的角度解釋颱風過門而不入及詭異路徑的因素。主編岑智明先生將與梁榮武先生(武哥)在7月21日下午5時,一同現身一號館1D-B02萬里機構攤位為新書簽名,並隨即在下午6時30分至8時00分於S426-427分享新書內容(報名表)。

‘We can do better, we must’ declares departing UN climate change chief, as COP27 looms over horizon

Heat waves over Europe have increased three to four times faster than in the rest of the northern mid-latitudes, including the United States and Canada. Why? In a new study, scientists have shown the increase is linked to changes in the jet stream. Periods during which the jet stream is split into two branches – so called double jet states – have become longer. These double-jet states explain almost all of the upward trend in heat waves in western Europe, and around 30 percent over the larger European domain.

Amazon Rainforest: Highest deforestation rate in six years

Deforestation of the Amazon rainforest in Brazil has hit a six-year high, the national space agency, INPE, reports. The Amazon plays an essential role in the planet’s oxygen and carbon dioxide cycles, absorbing vast amounts of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. Brazil’s environment ministry said it had been forceful in fighting environmental crimes, although in a statement it failed to mention the spike in deforestation.

NOAA’s JPSS-2 Satellite slated to launch in November 2022

NOAA’s JPSS-2 satellite, the third satellite in the Joint Polar Satellite System series, has cleared a critical testing milestone, bringing it a step closer to launch. The polar-orbiting satellite emerged from the chamber after completing its thermal vacuum testing. This test is meant to show that the spacecraft and all of its instruments will perform successfully when exposed to the harsh environments of space. JPSS-2 will provide data that inform weather forecasts, extreme weather and climate change.



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