Converging Divergence 盛放.匯聚 – HKMetS Bulletin, Volume 26, 2022

What’s New 《颱風解密:你也可以做天氣達人!》 氣象達人挑戰 Competition Popular Science Talk Prizes Waves triggered by Tonga volcanic eruption on 15 January 2022 spreading over sea, land and air Queenie LAM and David HUIHong Kong Observatory From GUAN to GRUAN – First Launches of Continue reading Converging Divergence 盛放.匯聚 – HKMetS Bulletin, Volume 26, 2022

What’s New (2022)

《颱風解密:你也可以做天氣達人!》 The Society published its second popular science book on tropical cyclones in 2021.香港氣象學會在2021年出版了第二本科普讀物《颱風解密:你也可以做天氣達人!》。 本書是香港天文台前台長岑智明擔任主編,聯同香港氣象學會編撰,以豐富的氣象圖及插圖,讓我們認識颱風的形成、消散,以及引起的風暴潮及破壞力,以科學化的角度解釋颱風過門而不入及詭異路徑的因素,並借鑑歷年風災紀錄,從個人保護環境做起,應對全球氣候變化、愛護地球。 A publicity talk held during the Hong Kong Book Fair 2022 in July by Mr SHUN Chi-ming (leftmost), Mr LEUNG Wing-mo (second from the left) Continue reading What’s New (2022)

Meet Our Met Team! (2022)

Micro-Laboratory of Atmospheric Research and Geomatics Engineering (Micro-LARGE) Department of Land Surveying and Geo-Informatics, Faculty of Construction and Environment, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Team supervisor: Prof. Zhizhao (George) Liu Our group currently (October 2022) has 7 Ph.D. students and Continue reading Meet Our Met Team! (2022)

Newsletter Issue 22 (August 2022)

《颱風解密:你也可以做天氣達人》經已出版開卷有益 – 香港氣象學會第二本科普書籍《颱風解密:你也可以做天氣達人!》早前於香港書展期間出版。主編岑智明先生與學會發言人梁榮武先生亦在書展中分享新書內容。對氣象有興趣的你豈能錯過?《颱風解密:你也可以做天氣達人!》已於各大書店和網上有售,你亦可以到這連結經氣象學會購買。 The Weather of July 2022 – A July with record-breaking high temperaturesWith a stronger than usual subtropical ridge persisting over southern China and bringing prolonged high temperature weather to the region in the month, July 2022 was Continue reading Newsletter Issue 22 (August 2022)