Heywood Young Scientists Award

  1. In order to recognize young scientists who have conducted outstanding meteorological research and project in Hong Kong, the family of Mr Graham Scudamore Percival Heywood, the first Director of the Hong Kong Observatory (1946-1956) after the Second World War, in conjunction with Dr Boon-ying Lee, ex-Director of the Hong Kong Observatory in 2009-2011, set up the “Heywood Award Fund” for the awarding of a prize named “Heywood Young Scientists Award” which shall be awarded annually by the Hong Kong Meteorological Society (Society hereafter).
  2. The prize shall be awarded to two categories of contribution for young scientists with age less than 35:
    (i) R-prize – outstanding research papers of meritorious publication in the field of meteorology or related subjects; and
    (ii) E-prize – outstanding educational projects in the field of meteorology or related subjects,
    both completed during the preceding calendar year.
  3. The R-prize shall be awarded on the recommendation of an R-prize award panel. The R-prize panel shall comprise three Fellows of the Society appointed by the Executive Committee to serve a one-year term.
  4. The E-prize shall be awarded on the recommendation of an E-prize award panel comprising at least two Fellows of the Society.
  5. Each prize shall consist of a cash prize, the amount to be determined by the Executive Committee of the Society from time to time on the basis of Heywood Award Fund plus the income generated, together with a certificate bearing the Society’s crest and signed by the current Chairman. The prize may be presented to the awardees at the Annual General Meeting of the Society or at other appropriate occasions.
  6. Eligibility for the R-prize shall be confined to researchers engaged in research in meteorology and related subjects and who are members of the Society. Eligibility for the E-prize shall be confined to local primary or secondary school students involved in projects related to meteorology and related subjects. No person shall be eligible for the R-prize a second time.

For details, please contact our Secretary.

Winners of “Heywood Young Scientists Award” R-Prize
Year 2023
Prof Gao Meng, Hong Kong Baptist University

Year 2022
Dr Shi Xiaoming, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Year 2018
Dr Li Jianfeng, Hong Kong Baptist University

Winners of “Heywood Young Scientists Award” E-Prize
Year 2021
Wai Chow Public School (Sheung Shui)

Year 2018
Christian Alliance Cheng Wing Gee College