What’s New (2021)


The Society published its first popular science book on cloud observation and optical phenomena in 2020.



Mr. SHUN Chi-ming (rightmost in the front row), former chairman of the Society, generously donated HKD100,000 for the publication of the book in 2020.


Book signing by Mr. SHUN Chi-ming (second from the left), Mr. LEUNG Wing-mo (third from the left) and Mr. TAM Kwong-hung (leftmost) after the talk held during the Hong Kong Book Fair 2021.

Honorary Members

Award of Honorary Membership in 2021

(From left to right)

Chairman CHENG Cho-ming with honorary members
Dr. LEE Boon-ying,
Mr. SHUN Chi-ming and
Dr. LAM Ka-se

(in alphabetical order)

Dr. LAM Ka-se

  • Ex-Chairman of HKMetS (2009-2011)
  • First chairman to lead HKMetS delegation to visit Taiwan meteorological community
  • Paved path to the reciprocal visit at the 25th Anniversary of HKMetS in November 2013 and subsequent technical exchange with HK meteorological community

Dr. LEE Boon-ying

  • Fellow of HKMetS
  • Ex-Director of the Hong Kong Observatory (2009-2011)
  • Initiator and sponsor of the Heywood Award Fund to recognize young scientists who have conducted outstanding meteorological research and project in Hong Kong
  • Dr. Lee, in conjunction with the family of Mr. Graham Scudamore Percival Heywood, the first Director of the Hong Kong Observatory (1946-1956) after the Second World War, set up the “Heywood Award Fund” for the awarding of a prize named “Heywood Young Scientists Award”

Mr. SHUN Chi-ming

  • Ex-Chairman of HKMetS (2011-2020)
  • Ex-Director of the Hong Kong Observatory (2011-2020)
  • President of the Commission for Aeronautical Meteorology (CAeM) of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), highest rank WMO official from Hong Kong
  • Sponsor and co-author of the first popular science book《觀雲識天賞光影》published by the Society


Chairman CHENG Cho-ming (third from the right) with judges and winners of the “Total Sky Imager Design Competition”.

Students demonstrated their product to the judges in the “Total Sky Imager Design Competition”.


(左上) 李淑明女士帶領同學們虛擬漫遊香港天文台
(左下) 得獎同學拍照留念。
(右) 網上比賽讓參賽同學從不同形式的資源中找出答案。

Zhu Kezhen Prize

There were six nominations for the Zhu Kezhen Prize. Our heartfelt thanks to Dr. Alexis LAU, Dr. Jianfeng LI and Dr. LEE Yiu-fai for their serving in the Award Panel.

The award goes to Mr. Mingchen ZHU of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.  Topic of his paper is “Observing Water Vapor Variability During Three Super Typhoon Events in Hong Kong Based on GPS Water Vapor Tomographic Modeling Technique”, published in Journal of Geophysical Research.  Congratulations to Mr. Zhu!

Mr. Mingchen ZHU delivered an online talk on his work in the Society’s AGM on 10 December 2021.