Meet Our Met Team! (2021)

Guy Carpenter Asia-Pacific Climate Impact Centre,
School of Energy and Environment,
City University of Hong Kong

Professor Wen ZHOU (third from left) and her team members

There are 5 Post-docs, 6 postgraduate students, 4 final-year students (as in December 2021)

“Our research area centers on the monsoon climate of East Asia, tropical intraseasonal oscillations, and the different types of El Niño and their effects on climate.”

“We aim to understand the variability and predictability of the East Asian winter/summer monsoon and to detect and attribute climate variability and climate extremes over the Asia-Pacific region.”

“We also look to advance our understanding of natural hazards such as flood and drought, cold surges and heat waves, and sea level rise and storm surge over the Asia-Pacific region and how these relate with different climate drivers in both present and future scenarios.”

Contact us
(Attn: Prof. Wen ZHOU)
Tel: (852) 3442 7816

We have published:

  1. Jian, Y., Leung, M. Y. T., Zhou, W., Jian, M., Yang, S., and Lin, X., 2021: Interdecadal shift of the relationship between ENSO and winter synoptic temperature variability over the Asian–Pacific–American region in the 1980s. J. Climate, 1–46.
  2. Jian, Y., Lin, X., Zhou, W., Jian, M., Leung, M. Y. T., and Cheung, P. K. Y., 2020: Analysis of record-high temperature over southeast coastal China in winter 2018/19: the combined effect of mid-to high-latitude circulation systems and SST forcing over the North Atlantic and tropical western Pacific. J. Climate, 33, 8813–8831.
  3. Leung Y. T., H. N. Cheung, and W. Zhou, 2017: Meridional Displacement of the East Asian Trough and Its Response to ENSO Forcing. Climate Dynamics. 48, 335-352.
  4. Li C.Y., W. Zhou, C. M. Shun, T. C. Lee, 2017: Change in destructiveness of landfalling tropical cyclones over China in recent decades. J. Climate. 30, 3367-3379,.
  5. Cheng. H. N., W. Zhou, Y. T. Leung, CM. Shun, S.M. lee, H. W. Tong, 2016: A Strong Phase Reversal of the Arctic Oscillation in Midwinter 2015/16: Role of the Stratospheric Polar Vortex and Tropospheric Blocking. J. Geophys. Res. Atmos. DOI: 10.1002/2016JD025288.

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