Message from Chief Editor

Societies which publish bulletins regularly are all alike.  Societies with some bulletins failing to come out on time have reasons of their own for the slippages.  However, who cares why Hong Kong Meteorological Society Bulletins are slipping for some time?  Our members are earnestly waiting and we are back now, with a new name “Converging Divergence” and a new “All Ladies Editorial Board” (Ms. Olivia LEE, Dr. Wen ZHOU and Dr. Sze-ning CHONG).  Our bulletin will certainly live up to its new name as it contains contributions from authors coming from different institutes/organizations, all with the same passion for meteorology.

It has been seven years since the last bulletin was published in 2014.  We have an awful lot to tell you about our society – what we have done all these years and what we will do.  In the past years we have witnessed many record-breaking weather events.  In this year we have seen some of the most unprecedented events mankind has ever witnessed.  The pandemic of COVID-19 has changed our lifestyle, thought processes as well as mode of communication.  Many of our society activities take place in hybrid mode – “online” plus “on site”.  It turns out that the new mode opens up new opportunities and allows larger flexibility for members to participate.  At the same time, the introduction of regular, short newsletters since late 2020 also ensures that members will always stay tuned.

So now please sit back, relax and enjoy this issue of Hong Kong Meteorological Society e-Bulletin.  We hope you will find this issue interesting and informative.  We encourage contributions from the meteorological communities to future issues.  Trust us, there will be no slippage in bulletin publications from now on!

Olivia Lee
Chief Editor

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