Newsletter Issue 6 (April 2021)



The Weather of March 2021 – An exceptionally warm and dry March

Result of 2016-2020 Top 10 Mind-boggling Weather and Climate Events Selection

The activity held by the Hong Kong Observatory was completed. Over 5000 votes were casted to select the top 10 mind-boggling weather and climate events in “Hong Kong” and “Worldwide” categories.

The Ocean, weather, climate and the Earth system – new approaches and looking forward together

The essence of our growing understanding that weather, water, climate and oceans are all inextricably linked, and so our work as individual meteorological and hydrological agencies, as well as our collaborative work together, must now reflect an Earth System Science approach.

The Observatory launches 9-day “probability of significant rain” forecast

As an enhancement to the 9-day weather forecast service, the probability of significant rain forecast will enable the public to better appreciate the potential of high-impact weather so as to plan their activities ahead and get better prepared.

Super-cold thunderstorm sets temperature record

We’ve all seen those majestic anvil storm clouds that form on a hot summer’s day, but what do you think is the temperature right at the very top?

CO2 data from Mauna Loa above 421.21 ppm up from 415.6 a year ago and 393.88 just 10 years ago

April 3 2021 was the first day that daily average CO2 measured in the atmosphere was above 420 ppm since measurements began in the 1950s.

Kyoto’s earliest cherry blooms in 1,200 years point to climate change

The famous pink cherry blossoms of Kyoto reached full bloom this year on March 26, the earliest date in the 12 centuries since records began, according to a Japanese university.

Recent increase in the occurrences of Christmas typhoons in the Western North Pacific

To imply the gravity of their impact on Christmas celebration, the term Christmas typhoon recently became more popular to refer to tropical cyclones in the Western North Pacific during its less active season.

Winner of Zhu Kezhen Prize 2020

The Zhu Kezhen Prize was announced to be awarded to Mr CHENG Tat Fan of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. The topic of his paper was “Moisture Source – Receptor Network of the East Asian Summer Monsoon Land Regions and the Associated Atmospheric Steerings” which was published in Journal of Climate.


由香港氣象學會出版的《觀雲識天賞光影 —— 有趣的雲和大氣光學現象》有幸成為第十八屆十本好讀中學組的候選書籍之一,記住支持呀﹗

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