Newsletter Issue 2 (December 2020)



The monthly weather summary – A dry and unseasonably warm November 2020

Hong Kong the bigger winner of WMO Weather Apps Awards and calendar competition

The World Meteorological Organization has announced the winners of a new Weather Apps Awards competition and its annual Calendar competition at a ceremony highlighting the cutting edge of science and technology and the power and beauty of nature.

5th Anniversary of Paris Agreement – Climate Ambition Summit 2020

At a Climate Ambition Summit on 12 December, 75 leaders from all over the world unveiled new commitments and concrete plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to tackle ever-increasing climate change indicators and impacts.

2020 on track to be one of three warmest years on record

Climate change continued its relentless march in 2020, which is on track to be one of the three warmest years on record. 2011-2020 will be the warmest decade on record, with the warmest six years all being since 2015, according to the World Meteorological Organization.

First category 5 Cyclone Yasa in season hits South Pacific

Tropical Cyclone Yasa made landfall in Fiji.

Dip in 2020 carbon dioxide emission means only a 0.01 degC reduction of global warming by 2050

A green pandemic recovery could cut up to 25 per cent off predicted 2030 greenhouse gas emissions and bring the world closer to meeting the 2°C goal of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, a new UN Environment Programme (UNEP) report finds.

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